Onboarding Process
To get started in the USAccess Program, agencies must first complete the “onboarding” process. This page explains the basic onboarding steps. 

Documents included in this section:

  • Interagency Agreement (IA) Form
  • Instructions for Completing the Interagency Agreement Form
  • Financial Addendum to Interagency Agreement Form
  • Instructions for Completing the Financial Addendum to Interagency Agreement Form
  • USAccess Service Description and Price List
  • Credential Configuration Worksheet
  • Personal Data sheet

Getting Operational 
Once the onboarding process is completed, the agency follows the USAccess Program comprehensive deployment process for assistance in rolling out the service.

Documents included in this section:

  • USAccess Service Order Form
  • Test Card Instructions and Order Form
  • USAccess Equipment Relocation Request Form
  • Instructions for Purchasing Cleaning Supplies for the Cross Match Guardian 

Agency Orders and Services 
Find information on how to place an order with the MSO for the services and peripherals needed to credential the agency employees and contractors. 

Light Credentialing Solutions (LCS)
Expanding the Light Solutions family of offerings through LCS. Get the most current information about the portable enrollment and activation solution. This page provides procurement instructions and details about the kit, capabilities and support.

Light Activation Service (LAS)
Learn about how the Light Activation Service provides agencies with an easy to implement solution for activating and updating credentials. This page describes the service’s benefits and how agencies can procure kits in order to access and use it. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
This section contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the customer agencies.

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