Credential Appointments

In order to enroll for or activate a USAccess credential, applicants make an appointment to visit a USAccess credentialing center using the USAccess Assured Identity Scheduler. Additionally, this information is applicable to credential holders who need to update their certificates on their active credential. There are over 300 USAccess centers located around the country. Visit Find USAccess Centers to locate a center near you.

The GSA Online Scheduling System is a publicly accessible web site that is used to schedule and manage appointments at USAccess Centers. Applicants will receive the link to the GSA Online Scheduling System in the emails that are sent to them as part of the credentialing process and update process.

How to Make/Cancel/Reschedule an Appointment at a Credentialing Center

To make an appointment at a credentialing center:

  1. Access the USAccess Assured Identity Scheduler.
  2. To make an appointment, select your appointment type. Click "Continue."
  3. Find a credentialing center for your appointment. Once you have selected a center, click "Continue." NOTE: Centers marked as "Shared" are open to all USAccess applicants. Centers that are marked as "Only" are limited to only employees and contractors of that agency.
  4. Select a date and time for your appointment. Click "Continue."
  5. Provide your contact information.
  6. Review the details of your appointment and if everything looks correct, click "Make Appointment."

To cancel or reschedule an appointment at a credentialing center:

  1. Access the USAccess Assured Identity Scheduler.
  2. Click "find an existing appointment"
  3. Enter your appointment Confirmation Number and your email address. Click "Search Appointment." NOTE: You can find your confirmation number in the confirmation email you received when making your appointment.
  4. From here, you can cancel and reschedule your appointment.

How to Make an Appointment at a Light Solution Station

Agencies that have opted to implement the Light Activation or Light Credentialing Solution (LCS) may make stations available for scheduling via the Online Scheduling System. However, many agencies do not post station locations on their Intranet or communicate that information to you in an email. Alternatively, contact your sponsor, agency HSPD-12 or identity management program office for further information about availability of the Light Solutions. 

What to Bring to Enrollment Appointments

To enroll for a USAccess credential, applicants must present two forms of identification that will be scanned into their Enrollment record (one primary and one secondary OR two primary forms of ID). View the List of Acceptable Forms of Identification guide to learn what forms of identification are acceptable for enrollment. It is important that all forms of identification are not expired.

Note: If you do not have at least one form of primary ID and another secondary form of ID, you will not be able to enroll for your credential. 

What to Bring to Activation Appointments

For activation appointments, bring the temporary password contained in the email sent to you informing you that your credential was ready for pick up. It is possible that you may receive an email without the temporary password. This does not prevent you from activating your credential but without the password, you must activate your credential with the assistance of an activator. This is called Attended Activation.

Using Unattended Activation (self-service), you are prompted to enter this password when inserting your credential into the card reader. You are then prompted to submit your fingerprint using an electronic fingerprint scanner, and then asked to create a personal PIN for your credential. Frequently, the PIN is required when the credential is used for access to online government systems.

Check Status of Your USAccess Credential

If you want to know the status of your USAccess PIV Credential, contact your agency’s program management office or the person who sponsored you for the PIV Credential. Your sponsor's contact information is listed in the "Sponsorship Complete" email you received telling you to enroll for your credential. You can also get your sponsor's contact information from your agency-specific Help Desk or HR Department. Check your agency’s intranet for information about your program management office.

If you do not know who your sponsor is, contact your agency's security officer, who will be able to check the status of your credential.

If you have any questions regarding when to enroll your credential, consult with your supervisor.


Depending on the nature of your question, here is guidance on finding the right resource to answer your question: 

  • Activation and PIN Reset FAQs: Review the FAQs located in the Credential Holders section of this web site for answers to questions on Activation, Password, and PIN reset.
  • USAccess Credentialing Center assistance: Visit a USAccess Credentialing Center or Light Solutions station for Activator assistance and information on PIN and Password reset.
  • Other Inquiries: Use the Submit a Question form on this web site. Select the nature of request that best reflects your question or concern.
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