Credential Information

Your Credential
This section contains valuable information on how to properly care for and maintain your Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Credential. The need for and the personal responsibility in the ownership of PIV credentials is also explained in this section.

Credential Features 
This section contains a description of the PIV credential, details on the credential's topology and an image of a sample credential.

Credential Appointments 
The GSA Online Scheduling System is a publicly accessible website that is used to schedule and manage appointments at USAccess centers. This section contains instructions on how to make an appointment using the Online Scheduling System, the list of acceptable forms of ID to bring with you to your appointment, and a link to the GSA Online Scheduling System.

Credential PIN 
This section contains a description of the USAccess credential PIN and instructions for testing, changing, and resetting the PIN. Documents included in this section: Credential Holder PIN Reset Guide.  

Find USAccess Centers
Use the Find USAccess Centers tool to find an enrollment/activation center near you. Results are displayed on an interactive map.

Frequently Asked Questions 
This section contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the credential holders.

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