Can I go to any USAccess credentialing center to get my PIV credential?


There are USAccess credentialing centers that are open to use by all agency personnel (shared) and some that only can be used by employees or contractors from that agency (dedicated).

To determine a center¬źavailability in the GSA Online Scheduling System:

1. Select a location in the GSA Online Scheduling System.
2. If a center is dedicated and can only be used by employees or contractors of that agency, it will have ONLY in the center location.
3. If a center is shared and is open to all applicants, it will have Shared in its center location.

Applicants can also verify a center availability by using the Find a Center tool on the USAccess Program website. This tool uses an individual starting point in order to find the closest center. Dedicated centers are labeled as For use by (specific agency) personnel only.

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