Does the GSA USAccess system support certificate suspension? What other status might the certificate be in?


Yes, the GSA USAccess system supports certificate suspension. The suspension for certificates is supported through both the security officer and sponsor roles. A certificate is generally in the active state which is a _valid? certificate. It can also be in an _invalid-suspended? state, meaning that the certificates are currently invalid for usage and are put on the Certification Revocation List (CRL), but can be recovered at a future date. An employee who takes family leave for 10 weeks may have the certificates put in an "invalid-suspended" state while not working. When the individual returns to work, the certificates will be unsuspended by the sponsor and be valid. Another state is _invalid-revoked? which means the sponsor or security officer has deemed your certificates a risk, which is often associated with a termination action. Certificates that are in an "invalid-revoked" state are revoked and unrecoverable.

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