How do I find a center and check a center availability using the Find a Center tool?


1. Access the Find USAccess Centers tool.

2. In the "type" field, select the type of center you wish to search for. Choices are enrollment or activation.

3. Enter in the City and State where you are located, or the Zip Code. This tool uses your starting point in order to find a center located near you.

4. In the "within" field, select the range of miles you wish to search for. For example, if you select 25 miles, the locator will return a list of centers located within 25 miles of your starting location.

5. Click on the Find button.

6. The tool will return a list of centers located near the starting point. View the results to find one nearest you.

If a center is marked For use by agency personnel only, it is a dedicated center and is only open to employees and contractors of that specific agency. If you are not affiliated with that agency, you should select another center located near you.

You can also click on View Map to get detailed directions to each center.

7. Go to the GSA Online Scheduling System and make an appointment at the center you have chosen.

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