How do I make an appointment at a USAccess credentialing center?


Once sponsored in the USAccess system, applicants will receive an email prompting them to make an appointment at a nearby USAccess center. To make the appointment, you will use the GSA Online Scheduling System (
To make an appointment at a credentialing center, follow these instructions:
1. Access the GSA Online Scheduling System. (
2. To make an appointment, click on the gray icon in the Applicant Access box that says "Click! to SCHEDULE". NOTE: you do not have a username or password. Only USAccess Authorized Role Holders have a username and password.
3. Enter a location near where you would like to schedule an appointment and select an option. Once you have selected a location, click "Continue". NOTE: Centers marked as "Shared" are open to all USAccess applicants. Centers that are marked "ONLY" are limited to only employees and contractors of that agency.
4. Select "Enrollment - Take photo and fingerprints, present ID documents".
5. Select a date and time for your appointment.
6. Provide your contact information. Enter your first name, last name, email, phone number and the name of your sponsoring organization.
7. Review the details of your appointment and if everything looks correct, click "Schedule it".

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