How do I verify that my ID documents match what was entered in the USAccess system?


In order to enroll, you must verify that your full name, as entered by your sponsor, matches the name listed on the primary and secondary forms of identification you plan to bring to your appointment.

Note: Your ID documents MUST match the name entered in the system. If your information on your ID documents that you bring to your appointment do not match your information in the system, you will NOT be able to enroll, and will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Some examples of mismatches that require a correction are:
1. Apparent typo or transposition of letters in the name (ex. Jmaes vs. James)
2. Mismatch between a given name and an alias, nickname or derivative name (ex. Jim vs. James)
3. Mismatch between maiden name in one record and married name in the other
4. Mismatch of the suffix

If mismatches appear and the system is incorrect, you need to contact your sponsor (the person who entered your information in the system), who will update your information in the USAccess system. Once this update is made, you will receive another email to make an enrollment appointment. Once again, verify the personal information on the email to be sure it is correct and matches the names on your identification documents.

If a mismatch occurs, but your ID documents are correct (i.e. you have recently been married), you can bring what is called a "linking document", which can be used to link two names on two ID source documents.

Acceptable linking documents include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Court record of name change

The linking document must have both the former and current legal names on it and both the primary and secondary document must be valid and not expired. For example, a married woman may use both a current driver''s license (in the married name) and a certified copy of her birth certificate (in her maiden name) but will be required to bring her marriage license with her as a linking docum


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