How does my agency participate in the program?


In order to participate in the USAccess Program, your agency must complete the onboarding process. To begin, follow these steps:
1. To begin the process, visit the USAccess Customer Agencies Onboarding Process section of this website to download the GSA InterAgency Agreement form and instructions. Once you have filled out and signed the form, please return it to Lorraine Irizzarry and Lalit Bajaj at

2. Upon receipt and acceptance of your InterAgency Agreement form, GSA MSO personnel will work with you to build an agency-specific configuration for the PIV credential (e.g., agency seal, optional fields, and hardware options).

3. Next, the MSO will assist you with the setting up the first four (4) role holdersĀ information in the USAccess System. At a minimum, those roles are sponsor, security officer, adjudicator, and role administrator.

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