I received an email about my certificate expiring. What does it mean and what do I do?


The expiration date printed in the top right corner of the credential refers to the expiration of the physical credential, and is (usually) on a 5 year expiration cycle. The certificates, referred to in the email, are on a 3 year expiration cycle. This is based on government-wide policy for this specific type of electronic certificates. Please follow the directions in the email to schedule an appointment at a credentialing center for a Card Update in order to update the certificates before they expire. The update should take no more than 10 minutes.

There are a couple important notes about the certificate expiration date. First, it is impossible to change the date of the expiration. Second, the certificates expire on the date after that provided. For example, if the email states that the certificates expire on 7/1/12, they must be updated by 6/30/12. If a credential holder attempts to update them on 7/1/12, the certificates will already have expired and the update will fail. If the certificates expire, the credential is terminated and will no longer work and you must contact your sponsor. Your sponsor's name and email address is located in the email instructing you to make an appointment for enrollment (photo and fingerprints). The subject line of this email is USAccess Sponsorship Complete. If this email no longer exists, please reach out to your agency lead/POC or agency-specific HSPD-12 Helpdesk.

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