What do I do once I get my invoice? If I do not agree with the charges, should I put in a chargeback?


Once you get your invoice, review it to verify your information is correct. If you believe that you have been invoiced incorrectly, please contact Lorraine Irizzarry and Lalit Bajaj at gsamso@gsa.gov with a description of the charges you wish to dispute.

The GSA MSO will work with you to ensure your invoice is adjusted as appropriate and you are billed correctly in the subsequent month.

Please do not process a charge back. As a reminder, your signed Interagency Agreement (IA) states in section 1.8.7:

The MSO standard billing procedure is to submit a monthly billing request to the GSA Office of Finance. The Accounts Receivable Branch of the GSA Office of Finance will bill the client. These billings must be paid promptly as rendered, without pre-audit or receipt verification (FPMR 101-2.105). Any discrepancies noted after payment will be adjusted on subsequent billings.

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