Light Activation

Light Activation Overview

The Light Activation service provides agencies issuing USAccess credentials with an alternative to the standard fixed-site USAccess Credentialing Center Activation workstation. The Light Activation capability enables credentials to be activated, and post-issuance activities performed from any computer meeting the minimum requirements. No need for dedicated VPN access, but instead, activators use an internet web portal to access the USAccess system.

The populations of USAccess credential holders change daily as do some identity characteristics such as a last name or email address. These circumstances create a significant demand for activation and post-issuance activities. In addition, most credential holders will conduct at least one routine certificate update during the credential's maximum life of five years. To keep pace with credential holders' need for these changes, the USAccess Program offers the Light Activation service to provide agencies with a more efficient way to have their employees and contractors complete those routine transactions.

Light Activation is versatile. With or without the assistance of an activator, these actions may be performed:

  • Attended/Unattended Activation 
  • Attended/Unattended PIN Unlock 
  • Attended/Unattended Certificate Update

Simplifying Credential Life Cycle Management

By placing Light Activation stations in convenient locations, agencies will simplify and reduce the time it takes an applicant to complete the credentialing process or perform an update activity. Consider these ideas for using Light Activation: 

  • Design a mobile deployment strategy – Set up the Light Activation stations at specific sites for a specified timeframe and then transfer elsewhere when that population has completed their activities and processes.
  • Send a Light Activation station to meetings and conferences where large groups of employees can take advantage of conducting activations or updating their credentials on site. 

Widespread distribution of credential activation and post-issuance functionality throughout client agency sites enables agencies to put the credential to use for logical and physical access applications.

Light Activation Kits and Procurement

To use the Light Activation capability, an agency will need to purchase a Light Activation Kit; a pre-packaged set of hardware peripherals and custom software that installs on any Federal Desktop Compliant Configuration (FDCC) workstation.

The Kit contents include:

  • Peripherals: 2 card readers and a single fingerprint device
  • CD with easy-to-use required installation software 
  • Network Connection Test Utility
  • Light Activation Installation Guide and User’s Guide 

The Installation Guide provides comprehensive instructions and troubleshooting procedures for the agencies technical support team. The User Guide supplements online web-based training courses, stepping through all the procedures for conducting activations and performing updates. Revisions to the guides can be found on the Agency Lead Portal.


Depending on the nature of your question, guidance can be found at:

  • Procurement SupportGSA Schedule IT 70, search on part HMS0034.
  • Technical Support: Contact for technical support while installing the Light Activation service. The USAccess Technical Forum is an online community for information technologists to share the challenges they encounter during installation and continuing operations.
  • For All Inquiries: Use the Submit a Question form if you hold the Activator role in the USAccess system as well as for general inquiries.
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