Light Credentialing Solution

The Light Credentialing Solution (LCS) is a combined enrollment and activation kit that ships in a portable, wheeled case that contains all the software and hardware peripherals needed to enroll applicants and activate credentials. LCS addresses the challenge many agencies face today with credentialing a diverse workforce that is located across the country, often in remote locations that are not located near existing “fixed” USAccess Credentialing Centers.

Since LCS kits can be moved and shipped easily between locations using the included shipping case, agencies can ship and set up LCS kits that are located closer to their applicants. The included shipping case will allow applicants to spend less time traveling to enrollment and activation appointments, and as a result, agencies will see reduced travel expenses. LCS empowers agencies to put full credentialing capability where they need it, when they need it.

LCS Kit Contents

LCS kits provide agencies all the hardware and software required to conduct enrollments and activations. The kit comes in two versions—one that contains a laptop preloaded with the requisite software, and another that ships without a laptop. The version without a laptop includes an installation CD and instructions for loading the software on agency provided system, including Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) systems.


With either kit, once the system and included hardware peripherals are set up properly (and an Internet connection is provided), a role holder who holds both the registrar and activator role can enroll applicants and activate USAccess PIV credentials using this single workstation.

Each kit contains:

  • One laptop (optional depending on kit ordered)
  • One Crossmatch fingerprint reader
  • One camera
  • One document scanner
  • One tripod & light blue backdrop (no stand)
  • Two smart card readers & PIN entry key pad
  • All software needed to conduct enrollments & activations
  • Install CD & documentation CD
  • Cables for equipment, power strip/surge protector, network cable
  • Locked travel case 

LCS kits ship in a case that is locked to prevent the case from being opened by unauthorized personnel. Once the LCS kit arrives at the agency-designated shipping location, the person receiving the kit will email the USAccess Help Desk to schedule an Inventory Control Call. During this Inventory Control Call, the agency person will receive the information to open the case and contents will be inventoried. A separate call to set up and install the kit will also be arranged.


LCS Extends Your Credentialing Capability

With LCS, you can better plan for and place your credentialing activities where your employees and contractors are already located, instead of the other way around.


Do you have a big conference or meeting where hard to reach employees will be attending? You can ship LCS kits to the event and credential them while they attend. Do you have a group of workers located in a remote office who cannot travel to a fixed credentialing center? You can set up a temporary LCS kit onsite at the office, and when done credentialing the workers, you can send it to another location. With LCS, you have greater flexibility without compromising on credentialing features.


LCS Support:


  • Procurement Support: GSA Schedule IT 70, search on part HMS0035A (with laptop) or HMS0035B (no laptop)
  • Technical Support: Contact the USAccess Help Desk for technical support while installing the Light Credentialing Solution kit. The USAccess Technical Forum is an online community for information technologists to share the challenges they encounter during installation and continuing operations.
  • For All Inquiries: Use the Submit a Question form if you hold the Activator role in the USAccess system as well as for general inquiries.
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