Program Benefits

Once agencies begin distributing PIV credentials to their employees and contractors, they must begin focusing on how to attain all of the security and cost benefits that accompany the use of interoperable PIV credentials beyond using the credential simply as a flash-pass.

By leveraging the features and data stored on the USAccess PIV credential, agencies can use the credential to:

  • Reduce the need for redundant and costly security mechanisms by using the credential as an identity token to log in to computers and local area networks.
  • Limit the number of building entry cards required by employees and contractors by using the PIV credential for authentication into building security systems. In turn, this also increases building security by verifying the identity of those requesting access using information stored on the credential.
  • Encrypt email, documents, and laptop hard drives by using the PKI certificates located on the credential.
  • Speed internal business processes and reduce the use of paper and wet signatures for official approvals by using the credential for digital signature.

The MSO can provide more information on how to implement these functions into existing agency physical and logical access systems. Please contact the MSO for more information.

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