USAccess Service

With the USAccess Program, the MSO offers a shared service that provides participating agencies with all the key components necessary to manage the full lifecycle of a PIV credential. The service allows for a single system to sponsor, enroll, issue and maintain a common identity credential for each applicant, and includes built-in workflow processes at every stage of the credentialing process.

With USAccess, participating agencies receive the following components:

  • Web-based portals for sponsoring, enrolling, and recording the adjudication status of applicants, as well as activating credentials and conducting post-issuance credential updates.

  • Web-based portals where authorized personnel can generate reports from the USAccess system, grant access to key agency personnel who have credentialing responsibilities, and manage applicant appointments and credentialing site information.

  • A complete managed system infrastructure that provides secure, standards-based enterprise identity management capabilities with various PIV related components, compliant with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards for security and identity and credential management (e.g., NIST 800-53, 800-79, and FIPS 201-2). 

  • Light Activation Service, accessible using the Light Activation Kit and available for credential holders to more easily activate and update their credentials.

  • Mobile and Fixed Credentialing Units, which contain all software and hardware peripherals to provide the capability to complete both activations and enrollments.

Policy Compliant Secure System 

A foundational component of the USAccess Program is trust. Whether you are a system user or a recipient of a USAccess PIV credential, you have entrusted the GSA Managed Service Office (MSO) to deliver a secure system that applies and achieves the federally required security controls. The USAccess Program has performed the applicable security assessments, reliably adheres to the standards and implementation directives, and properly operates under the applicable NIST and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) guidelines and standards.

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